If you are a trucker, then congrats, you have the true red, white and blue, ALL-AMERICAN gig. But there is one job that is still quite fertile in Montana state.

According to a new study, the most common profession in America is a truck driver. 29 out of the 50 states made the list of most truckers.

It's likely due to the fact that it's one profession that isn't outsourced to other places like India or China. It's also another gig that won't be replaced by robots, yet?

However, Montana is still banking on a job that was most common all the way back in 1978. Farming was big then, it's still big here.

Farmers have been in far less demand due to the rise of tech, human plowers and seeders have all but vanished due to technology and outsourcing.

Of course, who knows how different things will look in another 36 years . . . by 2050, self-driving vehicles could very well bump truck drivers off the map.