The playoffs keep rolling and the highlights keep coming:

The countdown begins with a Pacers' George to George alley oop, George Hill to Paul George.

The bearded one, the Rockets' James Harden has a nice blow by OKC's Thabo Sefolosha that lead to a dunk. Staying in OKC, Ibaka adds another block to his resume and Russell Westbrook gets a clean steal that ends in his 1-handed lay-up.

The Spurs' Kawhi Leonard makes the highlight reel once again, this time with a stretched out dunk. Same game, the Lakers' Steve Blake misses and Dwight Howard cleans it up with the slam between 2 defenders. But, San Antonio once again gets payback of the Tony Parker lob to... who else? Kawhi Leonard.

The number 2 spot should have been number 1 (to me, you be the judge),with Indiana's Roy Hibbert's super slam over and through Atlanta's Ivan Johnson! The number 1 spot goes to former dunk champion Gerald Green during the same game. Pacers are doing it big!!!