A dozen games of NBA action last night, let's get into the highlights, shall we?

10.) We start things off in San Antonio, as OKC's Reggie Jackson gets the scoop shot to fall after an interesting move. Not pretty, but way to keep that pivot foot down.

9.) In NYC, the Knicks' Beno Udrih throws the alley to Tim Hardaway Jr. who finishes the oop play nicely.

8.) At Charlotte, the Jazz' Gordon Hayward slams one home while posterizing the Bobcats' Cody Zeller.

7.) Next we take it to Motor City for the Pistons' Andre Drummond beautiful wide open windmill dunk.

6.) In Milwakee, the Bucks' Serbian center, Miroslav Raduljica slams one in as the clock winds down to end the 1st quarter.

5.) Back at MSG, Melo gets the steal, passes to Toure Murry who behind-the-back passes to Tim Hardaway Jr. for the dunk.

4.) In Portland, the Trailblazers' LaMarcus Aldridge throws the inbound lob high into the night for Damian Lillard who lays it in (after the contact) as time runs out on the 3rd quarter.

3.) At the Staples Center, the Clippers Matt Barnes jacks up a three, misses and Blake Griffin cleans it up with a monster slam.

2.) The 76ers' rookie, Michael Carter-Williams dunks all over the Greek freak (another rookie), Giannis Antetokounmpo. Welcome to the poster young'in.

1.) But the top spot goes to the Clippers' Darren Collison for his wild, off balance buzzer-beater to end the half against the Nuggets.