Here is your NBA highlight reel from last nights games:

The Rockets' James Hardin displayed some finesse with a beautiful move over OKC's top shot blocker, Serge Ibaka (with some lucky assistance from the backboard).

The Bulls' little big man, 5'9" (listed... he's closer to 5'6" in real life) point guard, Nate Robinson crossed-over one defender, then up and around another for a nice lay-in.

K.D. - The Durantula has the number 3 & 2 spots (respectively) with a rebound, gather and shot at the halftime buzzer and then going around one and then over 2 more Houston defenders for a dunk.

But the number one spot goes to the Rockets' Carlos Delfino for the steal and then the posterizational dunk on Kevin Durant!!! Not many can brag about dunking on KD. Well played, sir!