The Denver Nuggets have been playing phenomenal basketball as of late. The fairly young team has seemed to gotten its bearing as you can tell from there current 6 game winning streak. Denver has an exceptional home record (2nd in the entire NBA, with only the Miami Heat ahead), but there road game performance is only average. After winning against the Sacramento Kings last night however, the have won the last 3 away games.

The 'Manimal', Kenneth Faried had another double double, with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Kosta Kufus contributed with 15 points and 8 rebounds, while off the bench, veteran Andre Miller scored 16.

Center JaVale McGee earned himself the Play of the Day from with his high flying monster dunk over Kings' DeMarcus Cousins.

Tomorrow night (3-7-13) the Nuggets look to further extend the winning streak at home as they do battle with Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers.