Have you heard of Kendall Jones? She's the Texas Tech cheerleader who's been under fire for posing with large (dead) game animals on Facebook. She's posted pictures with dead elephants, hippos and lions that she killed while in Africa and thousands are demanding that she remove the posts. Turns out she's not the only young, attractive woman who is under scrutiny for hunting...

Stu Forster/Getty Images Sports

Nope, Kendall isn't the only one facing public outcry. There's a teenager (pictured above) named Axelle Despiegelaere, who was spotted during a World Cup match by L'Oreal, who is facing the same issues.

The 17-year-old Belgian beauty was offered a modeling job by L'Oreal cosmetics after a picture of her cheering on Belgium at the World Cup went viral. Since then, a photo of Axelle has emerged of her posing with a rifle and dead animal in Africa. Her contract with L'Oreal has been terminated, although L'Oreal claims the teen had already done the work they had contracted her for. Of course, there's some argument over what was contracted and what wasn't. Since then, Axelle, the viral superstar, has deleted her Facebook page, but her fans have created one for her with over 300K likes. 

What do you think of hunting? Should these young women be prosecuted by the court of public opinion? Or, are they cold blooded killers? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Here's the story of Axelle being found my L'Oreal:

And here's the scoop on losing her contract with L'Oreal: