Don’t believe everything you read. is a great website to find out if a “news” story is a fake or not. They determine whether the story is true, partially true, or false. There have been a few times were Wyoming was featured on the website. Were the stories true or not?

  • Wyoming Islamic Mecca in Buford – FALSE

    Muhannad Fala'ah, Getty Images

    This story was picked up by some YouTubers and made the rounds on social media, but the story was a fugazi. We were quick to call the story out as a fake when it came out. It was originally published on 18 November 2015 by Real News Right. Real News Right is like the Onion where they write fake news stories. It is not the first time a pseudo news story is hailed as the truth, and it won’t be the last.

  • Photo of Big Horn Sheep on Buffalo Bill Dam – PARTLY TRUE

    Mary Lane, ThinkStock

    A photo was circulating claiming there were bighorn sheep climbing the backside of the Buffalo Bill Dam on the Shoshone River in Cody. The photo is real, but the description is wrong. They are not bighorn sheep, and it is not Cody Wyoming. They are Alpine ibex in Italy.

  • The Gash in Big Horn Wyoming - TRUE

    Randy Becker, Facebook

    The story is real, but some were quick to cry that the world was coming to an end. You can see more photos of the gash here.. It is false that it was caused by an earthquake as there was not any seismological activity that day. The theory is it was caused by ground water and the soil slipping out from beneath it.

  • Wyoming School Inserting Microchip in Students - FALSE

    Andrew Burton, Getty Images

    In 2013 there were some rumors that Wyoming schools were inserting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) microchips into students without parental consent. This story is false. The original story came from the National Report claiming it was part of Obama care program. Again this is another case of satire being taken as fact.

  • Wyoming Gun Law that would Fine Someone For Enforcing Federal Gun Laws – PARTLY TRUE

    STILLFX, ThinkStock

    There was a bill HB0104 that would prohibit the federal laws from being enforced in Wyoming. It would have also fine any government officials if they tried to enforce these federal regulations. However the bill died in chamber. Moreover most experts will tell you that federal laws always take precedence over state laws.