Here's a list concerning this year's college freshmen that will honestly make you feel so old that you might as well start looking into retirement homes.

The annual "Mindset List" was published by Beliot College in Wisconsin that really put things into perspective about today's college freshmen and at the same time make you feel like an old fart. Keep in mind that new college students were born in 1996 as you read some of these facts...

1.  These students were just entering kindergarten when 9/11 occurred.

2. There life had always had "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" . . . he began the show in 1999. At that time they were only 3 years old.

3. Joe Camel never tempted them to smoke...they kicked him to the curb back in 1997.

4.  Microsoft's Bill Gates was the richest man they've heard about all their lives.

5. None of them had ever witnessed the AIDS crisis...the cases of Americans passing away from AIDS has been dwindling all throughout their lives.

6. They never used Netscape as a browser for the internet.

7. Very few of them had to hide a "Hustler" magazine...mostly because they have the internet now.

(You can see more of the list here.)