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I guess you could call this a bit of a pet peeve that I didn’t even know I had until I went to the mall!

We had some friends come up from Ft. Collins to help my husband and me work on our “just barely moved in” house.  While the boys stayed home to do some work, my friend Tina and I went out to look for fabric to make some curtains, so we decided to go to the mall.  I LOVE the mall; they’ve got some great stores, which is sometimes lethal to my ever so tight budget.  I noticed as we were walking through the main section of the mall, that they had all sorts of kiosks, which are kind of fun to check out.  Only thing is, many of them had some eager salespeople wanting us to come over so they can tell us about their products, or gadgets or whatever they were trying to sell.  Just as soon as I could get away from one kiosk, I was being pulled over to the next one, hearing another long pitch about their product.  Now what I noticed through all of this was, I was the one they were trying to give their pitch to.

My friend Tina stood and listened, however they must have know that she wasn’t as gullible as I am, and they would be right, I really have a hard time saying no.  But towards the end of our day, forgetting that we were looking for fabric, I just wanted to get out of the mall and tend to other business that we had on the agenda.  I found myself ducking into stores just to hide from all the salespeople at the kiosks.  I had to wait until they either had their backs turned, or had another “gullible victim” in sight, just so I could dart past them as fast as I could.  As I was darting, another salesperson wanted to ask me a question, a lure to get me to go over to his kiosk, and I said, “uh, sorry I have to go…” and when he said “oh it’ll only take me a minute…” I came up with some other lame excuses to get away, “I have to take our sick cat to the vet... I left the stove on at the house and have to go before our house catches fire,...I think I got food poisoning and I’m about ready to vomit on anything that gets in my way…”  It was CRAZY!

I realize they’re just doing their job, but I was exhausted after all that dodging, trying to avoid them all, and they’re definitely out there for we Christmas/Holiday shoppers!

What irritates you when you go shopping, especially now that it’s the season to go shopping?