Accidents happen right, but I think it’s how you handle it if you’ve done something wrong, like say…accidentally run over your neighbor’s dog!  How would you handle that?  I don’t think my friend handled it all too well, especially after reading all about it on Facebook!

A friend of mine, who’s really a sweet person, accidentally hit their neighbor’s dog, which is a tragic thing to happen.(By the way, the dogs in the photo are not the dog that got hit.)  But after this happened, he wrote about his ordeal on Facebook and said that he hit his neighbor’s dog, but instead of taking the dog over to the neighbor’s and explaining what happened, he decided to drive further down in the neighborhood, and drop off the dog.  Why?  So his neighbors would think their dog ran off and was hit by a stranger driving through the neighborhood.  He thought this would be a novel idea because that way, his neighbor wouldn’t hate him for hitting their dog…WHAT???

First of all, not only was this idea the most ridicules idea I have ever heard of, him writing about it on Facebook was about as brilliant as dumping the dog!  I’m sure his neighbors have Facebook too, so I’m thinking “the jig is up!”

What would you do if you accidentally ran over your neighbors pet?