Some still claim that college isn't a complete joke, and if that is the case, you need to see this list, identifying the ten most insane college courses you can actually sign up for on campuses around the nation. See for yourself.

--At Santa Clara University, you can sign up for a class known as The Joy of Garbage, where you explore "the technical aspects of decomposition and waste processes."

--At Cornell University, they offer a class called Tree Climbing.

--At Georgetown University, you can enroll in a class called Philosophy and "Star Trek".

--At UCLA, you can take a class called Queer Musicology, which explores pressing issues like "the possibility that being gay makes music by gay composers sound different to you than it would if you were straight."

--At Pitzer College in California, you can take a class called Learning from YouTube, which . . . shocker . . . consists of "students watching, discussing, and commenting on YouTube videos."

--At Stanford University, you can sign up for iPhone Application Programming. (--Actually, if you went to college to get a decent job afterwards, this class might not be such a lame idea.)

--At Alfred University in New York, you can enroll in Maple Syrup; The Real Thing.

--At Frostburg State University in Maryland, you can attend classes called The Science of "Harry Potter".

--At Centre College in Kentucky, you can sign up for The Art of Walking.

--And at Reed College in Oregon, you can enroll in Underwater Basket Weaving. No, really.

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