Have you ever just sat back and wondered why the heck some things happen or why we do the things we do? I live in a constant state of perplexity. Like, why do they want you to pull forward at the drive thru and bring your food out to you, when no one is behind you waiting? Seems silly to me.

Or why do you always get the 'someone is talking about you' message on Twitter with a link? Seriously, do they think I'm that worried about what people think that I'll chance clicking on a link that is surely a nasty virus?

Why do others always expect you to be the guinea pig? If you're asking me to smell the milk because you suspect it's gone bad, why would I want to ingest it?

Why do cars always wrap around Walmart gas stations in long lines just to buy gas that is five cents cheaper than what is across the street with no wait? I figure you burn as much gas as you save by waiting in line.

Speaking of waiting in line. Why do people think it's okay to hold places in line for others. It's most definitely not okay!

Why do people looking for donations or are fundraising call at dinner time? Don't they know I get pissed if someone interrupts my dinner? I'm serious about food!

There's a lot of things I just don't understand? What things trouble you? Let's see if we can shed some light on the situation together!