I've been spending the last few months making different kinds of wine. Not being one who likes to do anything halfway, I've been immersing myself into the wino lifestyle. As I build my palate, I am noticing flavors and complexities in different wines that I've never experienced before. I can also tell where the grapes came from, how much sulfides are in a given wine, and if they aged it long enough before selling it.

Honestly, wine is starting to replace beer as a go-to drink for me, and it's kind of scary...

As I try to broaden my horizons, I've been hitting different tastings and events. While I was extremely disappointed with the Harmony, Hopps, And Hope event a couple weeks ago - some people just shouldn't make beer - I was pleased with my first local experience tasting wine.

After asking the guys at the office if they knew where I could go to taste some, Rodeo Rick from My Country 95.5 told me about an event he hits every Wednesday at 2nd Street Liquors. They start the tasting at 4:30, and wrap it up around 6 or so. Yesterday, we tried 6 different wines, including two whites, a Pinot Noir, and others. While I didn't enjoy every bottle I tried, I did find it interesting talking to the other winos treating their tongues.

The Wednesday night wine tastings are free, in the store, and fun. My buddy left with 6 bottles of vino, while I bought a new flavor I've never tried. I'll definitely be heading back next week...and, hopefully, I'll see you there!