Wiz Khalifa may rap about "smelling like money" in the 'The Bluff,' his new single with Cam'Ron off of 'O.N.I.F.C.,', but based on both the audio and visual aspects of the video, cash wasn't the only aromatic substance on set.

As is expected from Wiz, there are a few hand rolled cigarettes and sounds of inhalation in the video, but it goes deeper than just weed and money. For every shot of a bag of cash or a fur vest in the clip, there's another of poverty and implied casualties of the war on drugs. We see people collecting shopping carts of empty bottles, ominous police cars and the simple life that Khalifa and Cam'Ron knew before hitting it big: the duo rap on stoops and in laundromats. Just because they "got so much" now doesn't mean they forgot about where they came from -- when they didn't have much at all.