This is not the proper way to return a dish.  The owner of this dish was surprised and disgusted when his "deadbeat" sister-in-law returned his casserole dish from Thanksgiving.  The dish contained, or used to contain, sweet potatoes from the family's Thanksgiving dinner, four months ago.  Nature has obviously taken over, due to lack of proper storage and cleanliness.  Who would return this to someone?

Upon receiving this, the man took to Reddit where he decided to publicly shame his relative.  The dish was a moldy mess.  It astonishes me that this woman let this sit in her fridge for months and collect mold.  We have all found moldy things in the fridge before, but this is ridiculous.  It is even more astonishing that she returned it in this condition.  He did manage to get it clean, which he says was not that bad.  I would have just thrown it out.  The image of all that mold would be the only thing I would be able to think about when seeing that dish.  I would in no way be able to ever put food into it again.  How would you react if your were returned a dish like this?  Would you still use it or throw it out?