According to a new study from WalletHub, Wyoming is one of the best states in the country for underpriviledged children.

The report analyzed several factors, including income, health care and education.

Wyoming tied with Minnesota for the nation's lowest percentage of teenagers who are not attending school or working.

The Cowboy State also has the fourth lowest percentage of single-parent families, just behind North Dakota, Idaho and Utah.

Wyoming ranked seventh best for "early foundations" and "economic well being", 26th for child health care and 28th for education.

Overall, Wyoming is considered the 19th best state in America for children who live below the poverty line.

New Hampshire ranked as the best state for underprivileged children, followed by New Jersey, Utah, Minnesota and Iowa.

The District of Columbia ranked below all 50 states. Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Georgia and Arizona were the five worst states for economically disadvantaged kids.

According to the study, over 16 million American children are underpriveleged, which ranks as the ninth highest rate of child poverty among all delevoped nations.