It's time once again for our monthly roundup of lonely singles, and creepy married dudes, trolling for love online. Here's the best Missed Connections of the month, courtesy of the always entertaining Wyoming Craigslist page.

1.  Catholic Mingle Dot Com

"You sat in front of me in mass tonight. This is a real long shot. But you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If you see this and are interested in having a cup of coffee, let me know. Let me know the brand of coat you had on or what I was wearing so I know it is you."

2.   Married Wal-Mart Stalker in Gillette

"I saw you. I wasn't trying to follow you, but it worked out that way. You had a green hoodie top, tight yoga style pants and flops. I ran into you in several isles. I smiled because I really wasn't trying to stalk you. You had a ring on, but that doesn't matter. I saw you looking and yes, I was not big enough to say hello. You were so sexy. The way you walked. I could imagine (things he would do to her). (Another sentence describing the things he would do to her).  Dark hair, sexy smirk. Anytime... I will give you the attention that you deserve."

3. Halloween Party Hook-Up in Sheridan

"At the Kill the Kegs party at the Best Western. We were both dressed as pirates. You saw me and we kissed/made out through the night off and on. Shared a cigarette outside and you went home. This is a long shot. I didn't get your name but would love to meet again. You happened to say I was an awesome kisser. Let me know if you are interested in meeting up again. Even if it's just for coffee. Sad I didn't get your name."

4. Good Samaritan in Laramie

"You were wearing a purple sweater and cute glasses. I was wearing a gray shirt with an atmosphere jacket. You were having trouble paying, so I bought your groceries. I'd love to see you again."

5. Got change for a 20 in Cheyenne?

"Wow! I just came down to the front desk to get change. I was awestruck by your beauty. I was so taken that it was hard to even but the words together to ask for change. Your beautiful eyes, lovely hair, and a gorgeous little body. I'm still in awe. Well, if you see this and are interested, then let me know. I'm here 'til tomorrow morning. I'd love to take you to lunch or coffee or whatever there is to do here."

6. Hottie Bartender at Buck's in Rawlins

"I think you are thee most beautiful thing on this planet...I usually come in on Mondays or Thursdays...Tonight (Monday) you were wearing frames. You must usually wear contacts, cause this was the first I have seen the glasses...Let me just say...CUTE!!!! Lol. Anyway I will be here for a few more months. I hope to see you many more times...Maybe I just might get up some courage to say hi one of these times...Oh and your Blonde, petite and you usually have some camo bandanas stuffed and hanging from pockets...Im 200% positve you will never see this but if you do..Hit me up lol....I was the dude at the end of the Bar...Usually chillin' with a tall co-worker."

7. And finally, filed under "Sub/Dom Chat"

"We were chatting on Omegle. Things were just getting interesting. You were starting to make your master very happy when the screen froze. Let's try it again on Skype. I want you as my slave again."

Join us again next month for another thrilling episode of Wyoming's Best Missed Connections.