Scientists have discovered that the ones who make SMALL changes actually lose more weight than people who go hardcore with diet and exercise. Here's 10 quick and easy tweaks to help you lose much more weight over the course of your journey.

1.  Log what you eat.  Seriously! Write it down. You'd be amazed how this helps. I recommend the MyFitnessPal app for your smart phone.

2.  Is a commercial on TV? Good! Get up and move during the breaks.

3.  Take stairs instead of the elevator! Aim for three flights a day then work your way up a flight each week.

4.  Pack a sack lunch. That way you can count your calories in advance, and save a TON of money too.

5.  Walk anywhere that's less than a mile away.

6.  When you're eating a treat, make the experience LAST . . . like about 10 minutes.  And eat more slowly in general.

7.  Skipjuice and eat a whole piece of fruit instead.

8.  Order a simple coffee instead of the mochachino type stuff. 

9.  Drop high calorie foods like cookies at the rate of one serving per week.  At the same time, add one dose of healthy stuff like broccoli.

10. Get plenty of rest.  For some reason, sleep deprivation causes weight gain.