The 2013 Wyoming State Dart Tournament threw down in Casper Feb. 13th-17th.  It was another successful tournament with players traveling from all over Wyoming to earn their spot as a state champion.

The Parkway Plaza in Casper was full to the brim over the weekend with dart throwers and dart enthusiasts.  A full schedule of events kept the darts flying all weekend.  Men and women from all over Wyoming came together with their eyes set on being a state champion.  Categories ranged from singles events to full team events.  Sunday a juniors tournament was even held for the children of the competitors to join in on the fun.  The best in the state were present to show their stuff and to have fun.  Darts is a sport that has a large, close community.  Despite the competition, sportsmanship was in full effect.  Most sports/games can get real competitive and the fun will get pushed to the background.  This is not the case with this dart tournament.  All attendees appeared to be friends and everyone cheered each other on even if playing against one another.  It is rare to see such comradery, especially in a state wide tournament with few prizes to be given.  The best of the best were handsomely rewarded.  Those who's darts fell short still hung out to root for their friends on their way to the winning spot.  2013 was another bulls-eye for the annual Wyoming State Dart Tournament.