Today is officially Pay It Forward Day!

Although a lot of the younger generation hadn't really heard of the term Pay It Forward before the 2000 release of the movie of the same name, it has been become an international holiday since 2007.

Here are 5 really easy suggestions to celebrate this awesome worldwide event in the Cowboy State:

  • 1

    Pay For Someone's Coffee or Food

    Whether you're in a drive thru window at Mickey D's or a Starbucks, give an extra 5 bucks to the cashier and tell them it's for the car behind you.

    Tim Boyle/Getty Images
  • 2

    Shovel Your Neighbor's Sidewalk or Driveway

    The recent bad weather has made this an easy way to participate in the today's kindness without spending a dime. To be honest, this could be more thoughtful than a monetary donation, especially to an elderly or handicap neighbor. Also kids... this is a good one for you.

    Steve Mason
  • 3

    Scrape Car Windows

    Here's another easy (and free) idea that mother nature has recently made available. You might not have the time to shovel an entire driveway, but you can very easily and quickly scrape the ice or snow off the windows of a neighbor or co-worker's vehicle.

  • 4

    Bring Donuts or Snacks To Work

    Bringing donuts, snacks or ANY kind of food to hungry office workers (or students for you teachers out there), is always a win.

  • 5

    Donate To A Local Charity

    Whether it's monetary or a gift of time, there are plenty of ways to help local charities.