Offensive tackle Alonzo Velazquez visited The University of Wyoming last weekend from Janesville, Wisconsin. Wednesday morning he was welcomed as the tenth to be committed to Cowboy Football.

Not all the new recruits are as big as Alonzo at 6’6” and 270 pounds, but as a whole, we have hopes for an even better team in 2017.

First, there are just some questions we fans would like to ask.

1. For Alonzo, and others from sea level, did you breathe ok on your visit?

2. If you came from as far, what are you running away from way back there?

3. What will you most enjoy getting away from back there?

4. Do you own a good jacket? (Even if you do, get an even better one.)

5. How many Chris LeDoux songs do you know? (You'll learn the beer song too.)

Bonus Question: Are you ready to have the time of your life?  No joking, you have a great coach, and the most loyal fans in the country. You are now Pokes. Go get 'em!