Ah yes, spring is in the air. Time to switch to a different kind of stupid.

Most Wyoming folks do not need inspiration for this, but for the few who do, where are 5 great Wyoming 'Hold My Beer' moments.


  • 1

    Wyoming Redneck Truck Races | After School Edition

    Think of it as a truck tug of war.

  • 2

    Redneck Wyoming Car Crushing

    There is no way we can make a list of 'Hold My Beer' videos without at least one car crushing.

  • 3

    Laramie Redneck Association

    Lets file this under 'Bored At Work.'

  • 4

    Car Socker

    Get a big ball and make a couple of big goals. All that is needed now are cars you don't mind wrecking.

  • 5

    Bored In Glendo Race

    There is not much to do in the little town of Glendo Wyoming. Folks find fun with any 'Hold My Beer' moment they can think of.