You never know what kind of treasures people in Casper are hiding in their basements, attics, and garages.  Now you will have the chance to view and buy these treasures at the K2 Super Garage Sale!  Here are 8 unique things you might find.

The K2 Super Garage Sale is happening this Saturday, Oct. 12th at the Industrial Building at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds.  Doors open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m.  People from all over Casper will be bringing their goods for showing and selling.  The standard items will be there like furniture, jewelry, music, clothes, etc.  Here are some of the more unique items you might discover this Saturday.


  • Vintage Radios

    Any radio collector or enthusiast would love to get their hands on old or vintage radios.  Despite the advances in technology over the years, these analog radios are still capable of picking up AM & FM stations.  Perfect for listening to KTWO-AM  or KTRS-FM!

    alexkerhead, Flickr
  • Antique Lamps

    Antiques are almost a guarantee at any garage sale.  If you are looking to give any room in your house a retro or antique feel, what better way to start than with antique lighting.

    robertbcalhoun, Flickr
  • VCR

    Most people in this day and age have a giant box full of VHS tapes somewhere in their house.  These people most likely do not have a VCR (or a VHS Player, as they are commonly referred to these days). VCR's have become collector items, especially old ones like this.  Almost everybody has graduated to DVD's and Blu-rays, but wouldn't it be nice to have something in the house that will play those tapes that are just taking up space and collecting dust?  Some VHS tapes never made it over to DVD.  Now you can watch your favorite forgotten movie.

    deltaMike, Flickr
  • Classic Toys

    You may find some toys from generations back that are not commonly found in any toy store.  Do you remember Lincoln Logs?  I sure do.  This is not a toy that many kids these days have had any exposure to.

    whgrad, Flickr
  • Rare Comics

    Someone may have a gold mine in rare comic books and not even know it.  To the trained eye, old and rare comics can be worth a lot of money to collectors.  A garage sale is the best place to score these types of comics.

  • Vintage Clothes

    Are you looking to have a more vintage look?  Why drain you pockets at the mall for faux "vintage" clothes when you could get the real deal for a steal.  (Sorry about the rhyming)

    kthread, Flickr
  • Old Clocks

    A clock is something that every house can never seem to have enough of.  Here in the digital age, clocks are on every appliance.  But most digital clocks are pretty boring to look at.  Spruce up the time in your house with an antique clock.

    alexkerhead, Flickr
  • Antique Furniture

    You can buy a used couch, chair, or dresser at any used furniture outlet.  Why not go for something with style?  Antique furniture has huge appeal to many Americans who want to add flare to their homes.  A garage sale is the perfect place to get your hands on some without breaking the bank.

    frenchfinds, Flickr