Abigail Breslin, the cutie pie from 'Little Miss Sunshine,' is little no more. She's no longer cute, either. Instead, she's stunning. The pretty actress has taken her grown up status a step further and has posed topless for celebrity snapper Tyler Shields, who also directed her in the forthcoming film 'Final Girl.'

The photos of Breslin, 17, remind us of the Terry Richardson aesthetic, thanks to the white background and somewhat standard set up. Like Richardson's images, the photos are overly and highly sexual, and one finds Breslin sucking on a red lollipop while holding a pristine sheet over her boobies.

Another photo sees her submerged in a bubble bath, with her bare back showing as she looks up at the camera.

In both, she boasts smudged, smoky eyeliner, looking like a little girl lost. The suggestion that she is no longer pure is there. They put it down, so we picked it up.

Shields, who also authored a book called 'The Dirty Side of Glamour,' said that his subject was more than willing to "go there" with the images and that she was looking to do "something new, something iconic."

He said, "People see her as innocent, but everyone grows up. After we made 'Final Girl' together, we had a great relationship and it was easy to do this. She trusts me."

He does have a point. Breslin is on the cusp of womanhood and her prettiness is certainly obvious. But do we need her in kinderwhore poses, licking lollis? Not really.

You can be iconic without being overly sexualized. Just ask Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis.