Adam Levine once tweeted that he had no interested in entering the increasingly crowded, celeb scent sweepstakes. But he has had a huge change of heart, likely due to the chunk of cash ID Perfumes put in front of his nose to lend his name and to brand a pair of perfumes.

Even so, the Maroon 5 frontman is adamant that he is not out there pushing something he doesn't stand behind with the new his-and-her fragrances that bare his name.

"I didn’t want it to be another bulls--- celebrity fragrance that I was hocking, that I didn’t believe in," the recent 'SNL' host told WWD (quotes via Us Weekly.) "On paper, I’m not a fan of the [genre], but I got excited having conversations with ID Perfumes."

Fair enough.

Levine's line is a "masterbrand," which will feature a portfolio of scents, and the his-and-hers will be available at Macys this month, with a larger launch planned for later this year.

The packaging mimics microphones, which is Levine's weapon of choice. Industry insiders suggest that the fragrances could rake in $25 million in receipts this year.

Whoa. Yeah, we'd change our tune – and quick -- if we could collect that kind of paper. No wonder Levine was easily swayed to develop a frag line.

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