Adam Levine hosted 'Saturday Night Live' last night (Jan. 26). How did he do, tackling this high-pressure gig? Was he hilarious and comfortable playing the funnyman, or did he crash and burn like a flaming lead balloon?

He was actually excellent, since his comic timing is impeccable, he is incredibly good looking and he can charm the pants off a snake. He played himself more than once, but that worked to his advantage, as it showed he doesn't take himself too seriously as he has transitioned from singer and rock dude to celebrity.

He delivered his opening monologue in a dapper black suit, joking that he knew it was a matter of time before he would "over reach" and try something new, like the 'SNL' hosting gig or being a 'The Voice' coach. He had some serious help getting through the first five minutes, as former cast member Andy Samberg, actress Cameron Diaz and sitcom king Jerry Seinfeld appeared in big red chairs as 'The Voice' coaches, skewering the singer's singing 'Voice' and "coaching" him on how to use his shirtlessness and his Jewishness as assets when hosting the show.

Yes, he got shirtless, showing off a torso full o' tattoos, during the monologue, so if you think A. Lev is hot, then you probably agree that he started off on the right foot.

He played gay TV host Todd Anthony on 'Circle Work,' with a fab lock of hair and even more faboo eye rolling skills.

The funniest skit was Maroon 5 vs. Train at a cafe that serves wine after dark, where Levine and a faux Pat Monaghan rumbled, yet didn't try and kill one another. They just had a dance off. Levine's M5 bandmates were there to back him up. Cast member Jason Sudeikis played Jason Mraz, getting violent with a mandolin, while Bill Hader literally riffed on John Mayer, making rubbery faces while wailing on the guitar. They battled, broke into spontaneous song and danced their faces off. We nearly peed our pantalones with laughter.

Levine also spoofed the 'Catfish' TV show, playing filmmaker Neve Schulman, delivering the funniest line of the skit flawlessly, saying, "As always, I just woke up and the cameras caught me disheveled and cute." His timing was so spot on, we nearly died. The coif was hilarious, and Levine even made himself giggle mid-skit a few times, Jimmy Fallon-style.

Levine played himself in another 'Law + Order'-type skit, too, where he was romanced by Bobby Moynihan's amorous, Danny Glover-loving, Tom Brady-banging groupie named Janet. She plied him with pills to get him back to her Yonkers apartment after a show.

He also played Dave Kaufman, a Neil Diamond impersonator at the Joe Biden Bash in Dover, Delaware, sparkly red top, porno 'stache and all.

Overall, whether playing himself or not, Levine had us laughing all night long.

 Kendrick Lamar provided the musical entertainment rocking 'Swimming Pools' and 'Poetic Justice.' He was laid back and smooth, and totally comfortable on the national stage that is 'SNL.'

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