For Alexz Johnson‘s ‘Walking’ video, the director decided to show the singer doing a lot of, well, walking. The clip follows the young performer strolling through a what looks like Central Park, revealing her big voice as she sings the breakup ballad.

The video appears to have been shot in one continuous take. Most of the first half consists of nothing more than a close-up of Johnson’s face as she walks. Highlighting the face of a singer as attractive as Johnson is never a bad idea, and in this case, the footage was filmed as high speed and then slowed down, giving the scene a heightened level of emotion.

The camera pulls back to catch the looks on the faces of the bystanders as Johnson grows increasingly desperate. She sings, “I’ll do this alone and every tear I know is mine / And I will feel it in my bones, I’ll be okay, just let me hide / Patterns change, just like the tide / And why am I walking? / This I don’t know / And I keep walking in circles / When I’ve got nowhere, got nowhere to go.

It must have been difficult for Johnson to sing this ballad at warp speed — not to mention running in heels — so she deserves major props for pulling it off.

‘Walking’ appears on Johnson’s ‘Skipping Stone’ EP, which hit stores earlier this year. For more from Johnson, check out a live performance of the title track, which PopCrush premiered exclusively in June.

Watch the Alexz Johnson ‘Walking’ Video