Nothing quite like locking yourself out of anywhere, but work is probably the worst. Thus begins my story of early yesterday evening's exploits. After opening up the upstairs fridge (which is known as the "guy" fridge of the building), I noticed several moldy containers. I'm talking the type that were so bad, you'd be hard pressed to tell what they used to be prior to mutation. Instead of placing the items in the trash and leaving them there to smell up the entire building overnight, I decided to take them out to the dumpster.

Now considering it was after business hours, I knew our doors would be locked, so I unlocked the door for the first round. On round two, I double-checked the lock again (because I knew I didn't have my keys in my pocket), just to be sure, but apparently I re-locked the damn door. So after my awesome feat of office niceness, I was locked out of the building, with no phone, no keys and no wallet.

The tech-savy guy that I am, I did have my trusty Knight Rider/Dick Tracy-like Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 watch around my wrist. Considering our lovely Townsquare Media office building is concrete and brick, I had to stand by the closest wall to the room my phone was in to get it to connect to my watch Bluetooth, but it did and I was able to make a few text and some calls. Luckily, my partner in rhyme, Whyte Choc was at The Fort with his spare key.

I did have to walk the 7869 steps, which equals a 3.89 mile round trip, to get his key (there's a pedometer on my watch), but it did give me the chance to walk the Platte River Parkway Trail for the first time ever. It's actually pretty interesting and beautiful AND during the walk I burned 353 calories, so I guess it wasn't all bad. I bet I won't forget my keys again though... until the next time.