Wyoming has some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet and here's your chance to witness it in all of its splendid glory. Today, the website HomeSnacks published the appropriately titled gallery 32 Photos of Wyoming That Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Insanely Jealous. It's a must see for nature lovers.

The gallery depicts Wyoming in a variety of awe inspiring settings, including a majestic mountain sunrise, incredible views of our national parks and, of course, plenty of wildlife.

As the collage says, "Sometimes it helps to step back and take in the scenery that surrounds you. Because Wyoming's beauty is unrelenting, royal and dramatic. So, as you take in the sights that Wyoming has to offer, moving from one gate to the next, you'll get to see it all. As you start to relax, remember to reflect on your day...And when you look up into the night sky, thank the stars you're lucky enough to be in Wyoming."

Check out the gallery here.