Based on his introductory montage, it appears that Jayrah Gibson may have trouble expressing himself. Gibson was an endearing dreamer stumbling over jumbled words, running off on tangents and providing some comic relief to San Diego’s ‘American Idol‘ auditions.

One thing Gibson doesn’t have trouble with? Carrying a tune.

Gibson began his audition by serenading judge Jennifer Lopez with a song he’d written just for her. It was pretty awkward listening to him instruct her to “shake her moneymaker,” but it didn’t sound as terrible as one would expect — though the panel did their fair share of giggling nonetheless. Once he was done buttering J. Lo and Co. up, Gibson started his actual audition song.

Gibson took on Musiq Soulchild’s ‘Just Friends.’ Based on his performance, America will never forget his. He held every note beautifully, with a hint of vibrato — reminiscent of Trey Songz. He already sounds radio ready.

The judges agreed, coming to an immediate consensus of yes, yes, yes! ”I thought you were mad mad good,” Randy Jackson enthused. “I like people who come in that are ready to make records.”

Lopez concurred. “I thought it was really good,” the ‘On the Floor’ singer said. “I look forward to seeing you singing more rhythmic songs.” Hmm … Sounds like she may have enjoyed the song she inspired more than she let on!

America will probably want to be much more than “just friends” with Jayrah Gibson. If he keeps singing the way he did tonight, they may just fall in love with him!

Watch Jayrah Gibson Perform ‘Just Friends’