The Gettysburg Address? Drivel. Daniel Webster's Plymouth Oration? Pfft. America's new greatest speech-standard is Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer saying we should organize a new political party around Bud Light, a liquid you store handily to extinguish small but stubborn kitchen fires.

In the clip above, the comedians travel from the nation's great plains to its industrial complexes, insisting that we can rally around — if nothing else — watery lager. Your fave candidates could neverrrr.

"They say we're a nation divided. They say we disagree on everything," Schumer begins in the clip.

"That's not true," Seth interjects. "We agree on a lot."

"Like Paul Rudd," Amy concludes. "Everyone loves Paul Rudd."

Finally, with the appropriate press attention, the duo announces the foundation of a new Bud Light Party — or caucus. "Caucus," they indicate, sounds a lot like "cock," a penis euphemism. This amounts to jokes about penises.

"We've got the biggest caucus in the country," Seth tells a basketball arena full of people.

"But it's not, like, too big," Amy concedes of her proposed party while on horseback (?). "You can handle it."

Check out the clip above, and be sure to tune into Super Bowl 50 on Sunday to see Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem, Drake's Super Bowl adColdplay taking control of the halftime show and tons more things about beer probably.

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