It’s been a year since the world lost one of her generation’s most prolific singer-songwriters in Amy Winehouse. More tragically, it’s been a year since Mitch Winehouse lost his beloved daughter. Tissues out!

When Amy Winehouse passed away of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, the tortured voice, the beehives, the wild winged eyeliner and even wilder tales of her behavior and substance abuse problems seemed to be all the singer left behind, but Mitch Winehouse reflects on a side of Amy the public didn’t always see: a kind, sensitive soul — and a daddy’s girl.

Mitch describes Amy in only the warmest and most glowing tones in a blog for The Huffington Post. “I thought a lot about Amy’s relationship with music, her own and the music of other artists, while I was writing my book,” Mitch said of his tome, ‘Amy, My Daughter.’ “Of course, I loved her voice — for me she was the greatest female vocalist of all time — but I also cherish Amy’s lyrics, and the part other music played in her life as she was growing up.”

Did Mitch have any particularly beloved songs? You bet.” All of her lyrics were so well-observed, so pertinent, so clever,” Mitch reflected. “‘Frank’ was always my favorite album of Amy’s. To me, tracks like ‘You Sent Me Flying’ and ‘Stronger than Me’ instantly conjure up the innocence of young love. The lyrics of ‘F— Me Pumps’ are brilliantly funny and never fail to make me smile.”

However, some of Amy’s darker material is tough for Mitch to give an ear to, as he explained, “But I have always found it hard to listen to the songs Amy wrote for ‘Black to Black.’ That’s because all of the songs on that album, apart from ‘Rehab,’ are about her ex-husband Blake, and all of the terrible things he put her through.”

More than a memoriam for an artist gone too soon, Mitch Winehouse’s remembrance is a touching, moving tribute to his little girl — whom we all miss, but none so much as her own father. Rest in peace, Amy.

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