It's been trapped in development hell for so long that it seemed like Andre 3000's Jimi Hendrix biopic would probably never reach theaters -- but it looks like it might still be in the works.

Speaking with Esquire in a recent interview, actress Hayley Atwell discussed the film, saying Andre was still attached, but that it's an independent project -- which might be why Atwell says she's taking a "let’s wait and see approach" to starring.

Andre 3000 has been trying to get the Hendrix biopic off the ground since 2004, to little avail. At one point, the Hughes brothers ('Menace II Society') planned to direct, but the status of their current involvement with the project is unknown.

On the musical front, rumor has it that Andre will reunite with his Outkast partner, Big Boi, for a new album in 2012 -- although much like the Hendrix project, nothing has been confirmed at this point.

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