Andrew Garfield is the latest celebrity to speak out on Justin Bieber's behavior -- but unlike Kelly Osbourne, he's not exactly coming to his defense. Yet, he's not pulling a Seth Rogen and taking him to task, either. Instead, Spiderman himself says that if he were in the Biebs' shoes, he would be pulling the same kind of behavior -- and maybe, even worse.

"If I had these opportunities when I was younger, I would have been Justin Bieber," Garfield reveals to TimeOut London (quote via The Hollywood Gossip.) Hold up, what? The same actor that is adorably candid, one-half of the cutest celebrity couple ever and the lead in a multi-million dollar franchise would be egging neighbor's houses and getting arrested for a DUI?

"If I was going through what I’m going through now when I was 16, I might have ended up in jail," he continued. "If you are a 16-year-old kid and you can do whatever the f--- you want, you're making trillions of dollars and you have a leopard-print Ferrari, it's not healthy," Garfield explained. (Bieber is now 20, but semantics, semantics.)

Garfield has a point: When you're in the prime of your life, making more money than you even know what to do with and no one is around to tell you "no," it must be incredibly hard to stay grounded -- and stay out of trouble.

PopCrushers and Beliebers, what do you think about Andrew Garfield's admission?