As you may have heard, Ariana Grande was recently caught on camera expressing her dislike for America and her dislike for un-licked donuts. Caption this photo for a chance to win donuts and an 'America Prize Pack'! 'Murica!

Inside Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California, Ariana and Ricky apparently tried to get each other to lick the powder off the jelly doughnuts sitting on the counter in front of them without being noticed by the shop’s staff members. Well, they apparently never considered the notion of a security camera catching their grossness on film. See the video here.

Submit your caption below for a chance to win donuts and an 'America Prize Pack'! Plus the winning caption will made into a meme for all the world to enjoy. Good luck!

Here is one to get you started: "I don't always lick donuts... but when I do, I don't check for cameras."