Ariana Grande is a very talented singer and comedic performer. Fellow comedic performer Jimmy Fallon introduced Grande's celebrity impression skills to the world, and effectively brought lip-syncing-as-a-certifiable-talent to the American mainstream (as RuPaul has pointed out, it had already been a mainstay in the drag community, and on RuPaul's own show Drag Race). As such, a lip sync team-up between the two was likely inevitable — and it's as entertaining as you'd expect.

In a Tonight Show segment called "Lip Sync Conversation," Jimmy visits Ari in the green room backstage to say song. He opens with Bebe Rexha's line from G-Eazy's "Me Myself & I," and Ariana answers with a snippet from 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up?" The two seamlessly work a hit parade of old and new favorites into their convo, including a song from Beyonce's Lemonade (topical!).

Ariana also performed "Dangerous Woman," the lead single from her album of the same name, which is set for a May 20 release.

Watch Jimmy and Ariana's musical back-and-forth below.

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