That little superstar-in-the-making Ariana Grande showed us 'The Way' on 'Ellen,' and she brought Mac Miller along for the ride.

The mini-Mariah looked presh in her floral mini and heels, belting out her parts among dancers.

She did mingle with the crowd, mixing with the audience and serenading Ellen herself and then she and Miller (who wore a button down with JFK's face as the print) got all up in each other's grill during the bridge. He even kissed her hand. What a gent.

Given her talent and professionalism, it's almost hard to believe that Grande is just 19. She will turn 20 on June 26. The signer and Nickelodeon star is already looking ahead to the big milestone in her life and she posed an important question on Twitter, asking her followers if exiting her teens will mean she finally, um, develops.

She tweeted the existential question and when fans quickly bestowed their love on her, telling her she is perfect as is, she felt compelled to say she was joking and is happy with what the good Lord gave her. She should be -- she's gorgeous.