To all Wyomingites with college loan debt and a CashApp account, do not let this opportunity pass you by. Burger King is using their official Twitter account to possibly send you free money.

BK recently posted the following message via Twitter:

got student loans? what's ur $cashtag?

Whether it's 100% genuine or some type of marketing scheme remains to be seen, but after scrolling through several comments, I did see actual screenshots of CashApp payments from Burger King to numerous people. The amount was only five dollars, but free money is free money, especially for just entering in your $cashtag in a tweet (it literally takes less than 10 seconds, if you already have CashApp).

While a measly five bucks won't pay off anyone's college debt, that's at least a free combo meal, so why not? Plus, we still don't know if BK has paid off anyone in full yet. The reality is, they actually might! It doesn't hurt to try regardless.

UPDATE: Burger King posted the following video early this morning (May 23rd, 2019) confirming they are paying off at least one lucky person's college loans.

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