You think you're in the Christmas spirit? Pshaw. Until you've strapped on a Santa hat and sung 'Jingle Bells' to a nation of swooning tweens while a dog wearing fake reindeer antlers looks on, you haven't demonstrated a true understanding of the reason for the season.

Just kidding, of course -- but as it turns out, pop heartthrob Austin Mahone did exactly that for MTV's '12 Holidaze' video series, stopping by the network's fake snow-bedecked sound stage to deliver a suitably dreamy and blessedly brief version of one of the many, many holiday carols you've heard more times than you can count. He even went the extra mile by wearing a red holiday sweater because, as he told MTV, they're "cool" and "kinda traditional and romantic at the same time."

Mahone went on to divulge the mystery of his song selection process, revealing that he chose to sing 'Jingle Bells' because "I grew up singing that song with my family and my friends, and it's just a fun song to sing, y'know? It's upbeat." The dog seems to disagree with the "fun" part, pawing off its antlers and peering dejectedly off-camera, but what do dogs know? Not as much as Austin's millions of Mahomies.

Mahone's performance left him in a thoughtful mood, prompting him to share his favorite holiday memory with MTV. "My favorite memory was when it snowed in Texas. It never snows ever, then one year it did, and it was awesome," he remembered fondly. "I think it was 2007. It was crazy. we didn't really know what to do, but I was out there making snow angels and throwing snowballs at my granddad." His granddad is probably safe from being pelted with snowballs this year; instead, Mahone says he'll celebrate the holidays by "going down to San Antonio where I'm from and spending Christmas with my family and my friends. We'll be setting up the Christmas tree, hanging ornaments, making cookies, and spending time together." Word, Austin.