B.o.B is one insane rapper. He is so crazy that he grabs one of most insane emcees in the game Nicki Minaj for the song ‘Out of My Mind.’ The recently leaked ‘Strange Clouds’ track was produced by Swedish hit-maker Eshraque “iSHi” Mughal, the man behind Tinie Tempah‘s crossover hit ‘Written in the Stars.’

The song features the two rhyme-spitters trading whacked-out verses with each other. B.o.B kicks it off with, “I’m outta my f—ing mind, gee golly, oh my / I was doing fine once upon a time / Until my brain left and didn’t say bye.”

But Minaj one-ups him on this track with her maniacal rhymes and even takes a couple of jabs at Bobby. “What’s your name B-O-B so they callin’ you Bob / Stop playing n—a, you know that I’m known for the bob / Couple of hit songs gotcha you thinkin’ you’re a heartthrob / Well this thang is so good make a n—a want to sob,” she spits.

She then apologizes but not before slapping him with another insane line. “You know I graduated summa cum laude / That’s why they thinkin’ I’m Illuminati / And matter fact, let’s kiss and make up, I’ll help you escape in my blue Ducati,” she raps.

The distorted synths and throbbing beat makes this song a mind-blowing listen along with Minaj’s crazy rhymes. Overall, ‘Out of My Mind’ is an entertaining tune from B.o.B’s second album ‘Strange Clouds,’ which hits stores on May 1.

Listen to B.o.B, ‘Out of My Mind’ Feat. Nicki Minaj