B.o.B kicked off his tour promoting ‘Strange Clouds’ following a loss by the Atlanta Braves in his hometown Turner Field stadium — but he kept spirits high with his positive energy and infectious tracks.

In addition to performance footage, B.o.B dished on his tour’s insane itinerary. “This is the kick off of the two-year tour for ‘Strange Clouds’ the album,’” B.o.B said backstage. “I will be touring for two years straight,” he said. “We’re going to Europe, doing a European leg, coming back to the states and doing some shows.”

Doesn’t sound too intense, right? Think again, because the tour doesn’t stop there — it crosses the planet and comes back again. “Then we’re going to Japan — then we’re coming back, I think back to Canada, then wer’e going back to Europe for a U.K. tour,” he added. “It just keeps going.” Sure sounds like it, man!

B.o.B opened the show by strapping on a guitar and singing ‘Don’t Let Me Fall,’ which could easily serve as a metaphor for where he is in his career and tour — on top of the world. He just finished up his R U On the List tour with Flo Rida and Cee Lo Green and recently performed ‘RayBands’ on ‘The Tonight Show.’ All that and a hit duet with Taylor Swift in ‘Both of Us?’ We don’t think B.o.B could fall if he tried.

Watch B.o.B Perform at Turner Field