It's Summer and many folks will be headed into the back country to spend some time with nature.  But are you as prepared to be in the woods as you should be?

Exploring the back country is best viewed in areas that require you to hike in.  But not everyone is up for the challenge of truly ruffing it in the great outdoors.

If you are going to take a trip into the woods for a night or two, its best to be prepared for the hike.  Not just bringing water with you, but actually packing your backpack correctly for the trek into and out of the wilderness.

I am guilty of trying to cram everything into my backpack for even the shortest of trips.  I feel better when I have everything I might need at my beckon call.  But the first rule of any backpacking trip is to pack as light as possible.

In general, you never want to carry more than 30% of your body weight and your heaviest item will be water.

Take a look at how to pack your supplies and feel free to print off this check list as it's a pretty good one for keeping your backpack scaled down and light for hiking or camping.

Tip #17 - Keep It Light