What is it with Lady Gaga and over-the-hill crooners? They all lurve the Mother Monster. She's worked with Elton John and is his son Zachary's godmother. Now, fresh off her private inauguration performance for White House staff alongside Tony Bennett, with whom she collaborated and who once sketched her while in the buff, Gaga has attracted the attention of one Barry Manilow.

The singer, who just turned 70, professed his love for Gaga, saying he'd like to collabo with the singer, who will be 27 this year.

Why is Gaga so appealing to casino and club crooners? She's an old soul trapped in 10-inch neckbreaker platforms, that's why! "What I love about her is that she’s so mature for a young girl," the 'Copacabana' crooner said. "Her advice to people, you know, is just beautiful. She must be raised by a great family."

Oh, that probably made Joe and Cynthia Germanotta grin from ear to ear.

Besides Gaga's maturity and her strong familial background, Manilow is enamored by her vocals, gushing, "She’s a real singer, she’s a real musician, it all comes through. I think she’s great."

Is it time for a Gaga-Manilow collabo? It'd be Gagalow time!

Who's next? Neil Diamond?

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