It may sound hard to believe, but trying to stop a drunk driver has actually cost a woman her job.

Twyla DeVito has been let go from her bartending job at the American Legion in Shelby, Ohio after she called police to report a regular customer who was drunk got into his car and drove off.

Cops pulled over the man, whose blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit.

Two days later, DeVito got a call from her boss, informing her she was being relieved of her duties:

He called me and said that I was bad for business. [He said], ‘This is nothing personal, this is all business, but I am going to have to fire you.’”

The American Legion had no comment on the matter. Ohio state law does not require a bartender to report a drunk driver, but DeVito has no regrets about what she did, saying, “If he had gotten in a wreck that would have been on me, because I was on my shift. It was in a lose-lose situation. I choose to possibly save a life.”


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