A 77-year-old Lander woman died on Saturday, Sept. 25, 2015 from a bat bite she got back on Aug. 21 2916. According to dailyranger.com, The unidentified woman was the first confirmed human rabies victim in Wyoming and may be have been the first human rabies death in the US since 2013.

She began showing symptoms weeks after the bite, was treated at a Lander hospital, transferred to a Salt Lake City-area hospital but died Saturday, according to CBS.  Rabies symptoms include the flu-like conditions along with “anxiety, confusion, agitation, delirium, hallucinations, insomnia and abnormal behavior.”

"Bats can bite you and you won't even be able to tell - the punctures are so small," Rabies is transmitted through saliva, tears, sputum and spinal fluid, so health officials have been talking with the people who came in contact with the victim. Some have already started treatment just in case.

Bats are popular for Halloween, comic books and movies, but, be careful of bats and small animals. If bitten and if possible, carefully contain the animal and submit for testing.