We all -- well, those of us who are nearing AARP status or are way into retro -- remember the shiny, happy Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's and their ‘We Got the Beat’ genre of layered, fluorescent pop candy. So it might surprise you to hear that B-Carl admits, without irony, that she may have been the Lindsay Lohan of her time.

So where are the pics of her stumbling around and getting into car accidents?

Ohhhh. Wait. It was the '80s. Back when we didn’t have smartphones and celebrities still had a little mystery to them.

In a recent interview with Popdose, Carlisle was asked about her time with the Go-Go's and if “the media landscape of today was in place then, with so much scrutiny placed on celebrities in almost a constant watch,” could the band have lasted so long?

The frontwoman admitted that indeed they could not have. More specifically, she answered, “Oh, no way.”

And why?

Because she partied too hard and would have been blistered by an omnipresent media.

“Back in like 1981 and 1982, I was like the Lindsay Lohan of that time, actually," she said. "Honestly. I just didn’t get photographed. I would never ever ever have been able to survive what I can imagine that she goes through.”

Carlisle sympathized with celebs like Lohan who are young, trying to find their voices and their way in a tricky business without a lot of support or guidance that doesn’t come with an agenda.

“I see a lot of myself in her, actually,” she added. "Eventually, it catches up with you and let’s just hope it ends well."

First person to invent a time machine needs to send some paps back to 1981 and get some scandalous pics of Belinda Carlisle on a three-day bender. But even then, we're guessing her mug shots wouldn't be this bad.