Summer 2014 is almost over! Right? Time flies. But, hey, at least we’ve had some fun along the way (unless you paid to see 'Maleficent' in theaters). Before we start looking too far ahead to 'Avengers 2,' 'Jurassic Park 4' and 'Star Wars: Episode 7' in 2015, we want to know which movies and TV shows left the biggest impact on your summer?

We know which films and shows we loved (and, even hated), but now it’s time for you to take a stab at being a critic by taking our ScreenCrush Best of Summer 2014 Survey! Which movies stood out the most? Which characters did you fall in love with? Which TV show were you addicted to? Let your voice be heard and vote in our polls below. Voting closes on September 7 at 9:00am EST, so get your votes in early and often!