Casper Fireworks 

Wes Mostaert, The Mountain High Photo Guy

Given the, shall we say, dry nature of our beloved Casper, Wyoming, not to mention the fact that fireworks are ILLEGAL, it is understandable that there is only one fireworks display in the city itself each year. With that in mind, I hit the town with a somewhat disgruntled photographer, and tracked down the five best places in Casper to see the fireworks.

The Casper Soccer Complex is located at the east end of the Platte River Parkway at 1700 East K Street. The fields sit just south of the Events Center providing an ample view of the fireworks lighting up the night sky. The open fields allow for plenty of gazing room with an added advantage of plenty of darkness to better view the bright colors up above.



Might I also add the extra bonus of being a hop, skip and a jump ahead of the traffic at the Events Center? Not only will the entire family be able to enjoy the show, but they’ll also enjoy being able to whip through the roads without too much of a hassle.





We all know that Casper Mountain has some pretty incredible views. The view just seems to amplify on the Fourth of July. With the framework of city lights setting the mood, there is no doubt that the fireworks from the height of the switchback look anything but impressive.

Aside from being chilly, there aren’t too many drawbacks from enjoying the elevated lights display. What could possibly beat an amazing view of our great city mixed in with a burst of color in the distance (besides the obvious three remaining choices below)? It’s an experience unlike any other which is why it makes the list.

*Side note: There isn’t much space up at The Point, so make sure you arrive early (prior to the fireworks display) to ensure that you nab an area to see the show.




Walmart West 





Now, I know what you’re thinking — how can Walmart be on this list? I’m here to wash away those doubts and inform you that the West Side Walmart parking lot in fact provides an excellent venue to watch the fireworks show.

Located on CY Avenue, the region of the parking lot closest to the garden center is raised and most importantly, facing the ideal direction to see the fireworks. Parking in the dedicated spots, you can plop down in the back of your car, trunk up and enjoy the broadcast of music and appreciate the show in style.

And if you happen to need to make a pit stop at the store, Wally World will conveniently be at your disposal. There is an abundance of space at the parking lot with views for everyone. The lights are also to the back of the viewers, keeping the fireworks visually attractive, just the way they’re supposed to be.



The Wyoming Medical Center is located on East Second Street and it doesn’t fail to deliver fantastic views of the fireworks showcase. With the benefit of being elevated after a quick drive to the tip-top of the parking deck, the night sky couldn’t look any better.

Much like the switchback there are picturesque sights from the overlook of the heightened advantage. With many looking for entertainment and fun, noisy traffic is at a low with many holiday plans keeping people at events and primarily off of the roads. This makes it easier to revel in the sounds of excitement from others as the “Oohs” and “Ahhs” of fellow bystanders become the soundtrack of the night with the commencement of the fireworks spectacle.

Once again, there is plenty of room for everyone — it is a parking deck after all. Everyone can enjoy the show, but remember to stay safe. Since the parking deck is relatively high up, there shouldn’t be any need to daringly lean over any edges. You may be at a hospital, but we certainly don’t want anyone being admitted to the hospital.



Since the fireworks go up from the same location every year, it’s only fair that the number one, top notch place to see the fireworks show is where it all goes down (or up in this case), Fireworks Festival 2011 at the Casper Events Center!

Not only will the entire day be filled with endless entertainment — from food (funnel cakes, hamburgers, kettle corn, oh, and beer) to live bands and vendors selling anything from jewelry to toys for the kids — FF11 has it all. It also has the best viewing areas to see the fireworks as they light up the sky.

The parking lot lights are shut down and the night sky is illuminated by the dazzling display of colors. The radio is playing in the background as the fireworks are set to a musical simulcast of American classics. Everyone gathers around and focuses on the main event of crackling fireworks that both delight the eyes and fill the nose as the unique smell of gunpowder taints the air.

All this and more is why Fireworks Festival 2011 on the grounds of the Events Center takes the number one spot as the best of the best when it comes to places to watching the fireworks in Casper. The festival starts at 4:00 p.m. and will conclude after the fireworks display. Admission is $10.00 a car and $5.00 for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.