At this rate, we could bottle up some of this Wyoming goodness and sell it for loads of money.

We know many of the things that age our skin, like the sun, what we eat and not drinking enough water (thanks Jen Aniston). However, there are other factors that could accelerate the rate at which our skin ages. Beauty sleep is one, but also the environment in which we live. A highly polluted city is more likely to damage your skin than the wide open spaces of say Wyoming.

That's why we rank fairly high when it comes to keeping our youth.

According to a study done by Alen Corporation, Wyoming comes in at number 15 on the list of Best States for Youthful Skin. They took a look at all 50 states and ranked them from best to worst in four areas of aging concern. These were air quality, stress, sleep and humidity. These are all major contributors to the health of our skin, which is a living organ, and can wreak havoc if not monitored.

Obviously we have great air quality as we just received excellent grades from the National Lung Association. We don't experience the humidity like southern states do. And it would appear that we have little stress and don't have issues sleeping. Hallelujah!

North Dakota came out on top as the best place to look younger longer, while Tennessee is the worst state to age in. I'm actually surprised by this.

Here are the top 10 best state to age:

1. North Dakota

2. Oregon

3. Alaska

4. Idaho

5. Washington

6. Nebraska

7. Iowa

8. Maine

9. New Hampshire

10. Hawaii



15. Wyoming

See the entire list here.



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