Rushers, don't be sad! 'Big Time Rush' the TV show may not actually be ending after all ... and Big Time Rush the band don't plan on breaking up anytime soon!

James Maslow told MTV about their beloved Nickelodeon series, "As far as we know, this might have been the last season, fourth season," he admitted, adding, "There's nothing official. But either way, we're focusing on tour, that's our next mission and I believe we'll do something after that but what it is specifically we'll figure out after the tour is off the ground."

As far as the band, Maslow was also emphatic that BTR aren't a bust. "Nothing is over! We're best friends, we really are."

Before he could continue, bandmate Carlos Pena, Jr. quipped, "So you consider me your best friend?" Maslow chuckled, "For the purpose of this interview, yeah, but now that you said that though I'm reconsidering."

So what's next for the band after their tour with Victoria Justice wraps up? "We don't know where," Pena said. "But there will be booze."

Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt got excited and added, "Booze and boobs!" Maslow blushed, "That's pretty much what a vacation is all about."

If anyone deserves a vacay, it's Big Time Rush. But here's hoping they don't take a permanent one!